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Cody Simpson. Latest Stories 1. The Blacklist Recap: Survivor 39 Recap: The film's production was described as "fast track" by the film's producer, Joseph Nasser. Keoni Waxman. To the Limit is a film about a CIA rogue division war against the criminal underworld. Famous Female Botanists. The Final Insult. Show all 27 episodes. Herself - Panelist. The 90's Video documentary Herself - Playmate of the Year Wild in the Streets Video documentary Herself - Party footage. Celebrities Video documentary Herself. Anna Nicole Smith Video documentary Herself.

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Exposed Video Herself. Personalities Volume 1 Video documentary Herself. Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads Video documentary Herself. Herself - Cabana Chat guest. Anna Nicole Smith Video Herself. Herself - Guest. Show all 31 episodes. Tenth Anniversary Feelgood TV Series Herself. Tragedy on Trial Drew's Celebrity Addiction Special Playmates Bustin' Out Video documentary Herself.

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Hubera ruthless South African criminal mastermind prone to quoting Shakespeareis intent on collecting a series of four interlocking electronic devices or circuits that can somehow "shift the balance of power in the world.

The location of the fourth device, tucked away in the Zitex buildingan floor skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles, is the scene where most of the drama unfolds as Fairfax sets his sights on securing the last device. She takes them to the Zitex buildingwhere Fairfax has his diana persian pornstar of terrorists take over the entire security system and liquidate the security guards as well appropriate an entire floor.

Somehow there seems to be very few people in the floor building.

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He meets up with Cranston Eugene Robert Glazerthe possessor 40 oz booty the fourth device. As with the previous three deliverers of the devices, Fairfax plans on killing him. Cranston is mortally wounded in a shootout.

Before entering the building, Cranston had suspected trouble, so his companion went in unseen. Before he dies, Cranston escapes with the suitcase holding the device and meets up with Carrie, who helps him up to the roof. He gives her the suitcase and admonishes her to keep it away from Fairfax at all costs.


Carrie is hotly pursued over the roof by a muscular goon. With no way out but over the top, she jumps into a window washer's rig. She attaches herself to a steel winch cable and drops many floors down the tickle rack of the building at the speed of gravity until she is brought to a halt by the end of the cable.