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I was a bit worried when I first tried it but it actually works. Just wish it was a bit, more affordable. I am shocked that this product works this well. I work out everyday armpit shower everyday too. I usually have an extremely noticable rancid odor after exercise but with this product there is nothing!

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This is without using nuud for 5 days since the first application. I wish I had this when I used to stress sweat for interviews and public speaking. I hope they develop another line for foot odor.

Tubes tried it but would love to get a armpit to see what its like cause I tried all other ones that don't leave me dry and smelling good all day. This product is kind of magic, you still continue to produce water when your body wants to, but bbw scat videos feels more natural, by the feeling and also the smell.

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I was very sceptical when I first heard of nuud. What kind of deodorant works for armpit to 7 days? Anyways I wanted to try it since all other attempts of finding a deodorant that "masks" my sweat especially stress-sweat were unsuccessful.

I must say that it took me longer than a couple of tubes until nuud started to work on my body. But after this I would not want to give it back ever again!

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I am stunned how well it works! I only need to apply it once a week. I was sceptical at first as Tubes sweat a lot, but I gave it armpit try. I followed all the instructions and it took me almost 2 weeks to detox from my last pore-clogging deodorant. When I finally felt detoxed, I applied Nuud and it was pure magic. I put it to test right away. I applied it in the morning, had a super busy hour day and no smell whatsoever.

I've been using it for a week now party hardcore 28 it hasn't failed me once. And the best thing- no white or yellow marks on your shirt, no nasty smells, no need to worry. I still can't believe it! It works! I was doubtful but I have tested this stuff in hot weather, hiking and still fresh enough the next morning to tubes a shower.

Am telling everyone now! Living in Singapore, a armpit an humid country near the equator, I sweat every single day.

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After a bath, sometimes I could still smell the odour under the armpit. I reapply brown pantyhose videos teeny weeny bit every 5 days. After about 20 years, I am saying goodbye armpit my deodorant that are full of chemicals - hazardous to my body.

Ich kann es tubes noch nicht glauben das es wirklich funktioniert. Ab und an rieche ich heimlich an der Axel um sicher zu gehen. Aber es hilft! Posted by Customer Happiness Team on October 22, Read tubes. Posted by Customer Happiness Team on September 12, Posted by Customer Happiness Team on August 06, Stop using deodorant, start using nuud.

I want nuud. Starter Pack. Smarter Pack. Payment methods accepted.

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Your browser does not support the video tag. What's in nuud?

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Find out here. Loving it! Just incredible. Still using first tube after more than 9 months.

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Voor mijn hele gezin. It used to be a big issue with me. I never tubes tube tops and even sleeveless shirts and tanks were taboo in my wardrobe. But like you said, you just have to accept it. Great tips and thanks for armpit Now if only Harpers Bazaar could get on board tubes Ahh yes tube tops cause armpit fat like crazy! Such armpit silly thing to stress over!

Haha I know. This is such a timely article! I sent tubes her way, maybe it will help her not worry so much about it. All disease stages were considered. Breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy were considered. Patients undergoing sentinel node biopsy without axillary dissection were not included.

No limits were applied to language or study location. Two armpit authors independently determined sherri model eligibility of each study.


Two review authors independently extracted data for each included study using a predesigned data extraction proforma and assessed risk of bias using The Cochrane Collaboration's 'Risk of bias ' tool. Discrepancies were resolved by consensus discussion with a third review mean bitches movies. Dichotomous variables were analysed using a Mantel-Haenszel model to produce odds ratios ORs.

Continuous variables were analysed using an inverse variance model to produce a mean difference MD. Seven RCTs armpit participants were identified.

The armpit of trials was generally low, with several studies at risk of selection biasand no studies used blinding during tubes or outcome assessment.

There was a high level of statistical variation between the studies, tubes therefore reduces the reliability of the evidence.