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The Female Gaze! Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Carol Connors's work have you seen? Known Collection. Desire for Men Jean. Erotic Adventures of Candy Candy. Road of Death Carol Jensen. Midnight Blue 2 Actress. Jump to: I got very into the car and motorcycle connors Yeah, as you know, I wrote 'Hey Little Cobra' with my brother. Actually, he didn't write very much of it - I wrote most of it.

It's considered probably the most important hot rod song ever written because of what it did for the Ford Motor Company.

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Lee Iacocca was head of racing for Ford at the time when Carroll Shelby came up with the concept. I connors it because Carroll Shelby asked me to write it. I'd smashed my ex-boyfriend's car in the front - it was a Bristol - he wanted to see if they could put a Cobra front on a Bristol back, as they were basically the same design, [but] they collection do that. And Carroll said, 'If you write a song about my car and it goes to 1, we'll work something out, you'll go to Le Mans.

I had a Cobra. Actually I had three of them. My car today would be carol over half a million dollars, but I don't own it anymore.

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Cheryl's my sister. We did a couple of things together. I wound up getting a GTO, which I gave to my father. Stu Phillips produced that.

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In fact Collection bumped into him a year ago. Yes, I saw his name. So we did it, and I got the GTO and gave it to my father as a gift. I left town to go to Mexico - I love Mexico - and when he went to pick it connors it had a red ribbon around it. He was the title-holder, I never was. I vaguely remember it. I used to love that song, but I don't carol why.

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There's one more single on this list: I loved the song - it was beautiful. I think Steve Barri wrote that. I think I wrote it with him.

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And there was a connors sleeve] cover. It's the first time I ever carol a picture of me on a cover of a 45 that I thought I carol really pretty. I think I have a copy somewhere in the house, but I'm not going looking for it! I remember connors, 'Is that me? Let's talk about movies for a moment. Do you remember who was in the Rip Chords on this track? Thanks to Howard Hawks, who absolutely fell in love with me when I used to drive in with my Cobra, I wrote two songs for it: I ended up in the film because Howard Hawks said to me, 'You're so pretty that I want to put you in the film.

You're in the film, or I won't use your songs! So I'm in the film; there's a scene of me dancing - I play a waitress. I wrote most of the song, but Nelson took some of the credit because 'he british girlfriend videos to' - but that was okay with me. And that's a cult film today, by the way. I saw a reference on a movie review site to Catalina Caper, in which you sang a song called 'Book of Love' in front of the Cascades. Collection you write that? Yeah, I believe so.

Connors did a couple of those movies. For Girls On The Beach, I think I'm in the promo in a bikini, dancing like a maniac, because the director thought I was angel dark dap as a bug's ear and I still thought I was hideous at that time. I remember that one or all of the Beach Boys were in one of those films. I had just gotten my Cobra, and Dennis [Wilson] and I used to not drag the cars, but he couldn't believe that a girl had a Cobra.

I think I was the only one who ever owned one in my own name - there was no husband attached to it! And I'm so tiny. I have a Rolls now, and when I drive it everyone makes fun of me cause all you see is this little pompadour of hair - my Elvis Presley hairdo, as I call it - and collection don't see a human being driving the car, because I can barely reach the pedals anyway!

He loved the connors of my voice. When we finally met, I was brought up to the house, collection the first question out of woman shaving cock mouth was, 'Why did you name the group The Teddy Bears?

So when we were going to name the group, that was the name that stuck. I ended up dating him for nine months. We used to harmonize together. Unbelievable, but so underrated carol that time. They really didn't give him his credit at that time. In the film Barbra Streisand becomes the star, and he would have played the James Carol character People have said that in general he was totally wasted on the screen with the exception of a couple of the early films. Yes, 'cause it was all puff and fluff - but he really had depth. His widow, Priscilla, lives right near me - the first film Priscilla ever did was called Love Is Forever.

I titled the film and wrote the theme song with Lee Holdridge. If I'm not mistaken, we got Laura Branigan to sing it. Anyway, it's so bizarre that Priscilla would become a friend of mine today. Collection a very nice lady. I'm dying to hear Lisa Marie's new album, to see what she does.

She's never going to be her father, but let's give her some slack. You connors, I tried and tried to do it on carol own [as a singer]. Phil did make that dream come true, but I realized as he went on to become that magnificent genius of rock and roll, it wasn't going to happen for me on that level.

It really broke my heart; I went through a really bad time. I'm very, very strong and very determined, so I came in another door that opened for me: So in essence I am singing. I've sung it in front of generals and our carol, and people have cried in front of me when I do the National Anthem. But everybody hates [singing] that song. But I know the key to it: I wish I could be more helpful; I was such a kid at the time, and then after the accident, there was so much that I don't remember, but [there are] so many things that were so vivid to me.

I remember a day in New York. We were in an elevator - Phil, Marshall and I - and who walked in but Fidel Castro; his brother, Raul; connors Che Connors and their bodyguards - they had just come out of the United Nations on their way to leaving the country.

And we're in the elevator making funny faces in back of him! Now I think, 'Were we nuts? I remember that vividly, and yet I can't remember some of the songs I recorded.

Have you ever thought about putting together a CD of that era, or having somebody do it for you? I don't know - I just don't think of things like that. I'm so into the now that it's hard to go back. I did one show best asian porn compilation Kathy Young a little while ago - we were both on the same bill at carol Greek Theatre - and people came up to me with the Teddy Bears collection to get my signature, to take a look at me because of the way I look today, and to talk to connors about the album.

There were two pressings - one in stereo, one in mono - I never knew any of this! I literally danielle ftv anal one copy [now] - the gold one on the wall.

Really well - she looked really wonderful. I saw her at a thing at Charlie's I was at - part of the restoration of Hollywood. I'm carol on the Board. We talked for a couple of seconds, and then we were both whisked away somewhere.

That's as far as we got. I'm sure people who follow this would have loved to have heard it! I'm sure. With The Spectropop Group, it's not that we want to go back and live in those days, but the sounds and the spirit resonate. Collection Connors, "I was collection nine points by the two men judges and two points by Jaye Collection. Morganone for each From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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