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There is definitely a lot going on in this memorable image, as this is one of the more bizarre cheerleading photos you will ever see. In those days, pro cheerleaders were selected primarily for their looks, though the ability to dance was also a key factor. This incident looks like it was painful for more than a few of the participants cheerleaders. A cheer-pyramid gone wrong cheerleaders not a pretty sight perfect natural black tits we can see from this image.

The poor blonde girl face plants into the guys below her, who bloopers to be in the process of dropping a different blonde gal. The female on the right looks to have braced herself, after landing on the girl beneath bloopers. While the Baltimore Colts were the first pro team to utilize cheerleaders in the NFL, other teams would eventually follow their lead. In fact, bythere were 17 professional football teams who had their own cheerleading squads. This guy looks way too excited to have someone sitting on his head. Even the girl on the right seemed to notice the goofy cheerleaders on his face.

That being said, the girl being held is actually able to pull off an impressive split. It was invented by a man named Fred Gastoff back in bloopers was sanctioned to be used in competition by the World Cheerleading Association. Next time you pick up a pom-pom, be sure to pay your respects to Gastoff.

Prestige aside, having to lift your fellow squad members requires a great deal of physical strength. Cheerleaders tend to be short and petite. That being said, the guy in this photo appears to have his work cut out for him, trying to get this young lady on his shoulders. The sport of cheerleading first started in the United States of America.

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There is supposedly an unwritten rule in cheerleading which states, if you cheerleaders someone in the air, be sure to catch them. It looks like three bloopers the four girls were able to make the catch. This photo shows what can happen when a cheerleader loses his or her focus.

While they were able to keep the girl being thrown from hitting the ground, this incident still must have been a tad embarrassing. The first nationally televised cheerleading competition in the United States aired back in The University of North Carolina became the event's first champion.

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Having a ton of school cheerleaders team spirit is essential for any cheerleader who hopes to get the crowd on their feet. During that initial season, the Steelers went overall, but their home record was an above averageand the Steelerettes proved to be a tremendous success with both the bloopers and the media.

The season started off with a frenzy of public appearances. When the squad was selected, Bloopers Prince interviewed them pussy stretching toys his weekly TV show, and they were being mentioned in newspaper articles.

Team Captain Eleanor Lineman was featured in a full page newspaper spread demonstrating referee signals. The Pittsburgh Steelerettes cheerleaders become the darlings of the local sports scene. The Steelerettes. For the Steelerettes second season, some new features were added to their repertoire.


Carole Sematic displayed her twirling skills as "The Steeler Strutter," and a group of young men called the Ingots were added to compliment and assist the cheerleaders in their routines.

Carole Sematic, the "Steeler Strutter. Another new idea was to set up a cannon in the endzone that fired off to punctuate each bloopers and get the crowd charged. When a Steeler crossed the goal line, the Ingots would fire the cannon, the band would play the Steeler Fight Song and the Steelerettes would go into their Victory routine.

It was always an exciting moment, and the crowd loved it. After one particular touchdown the cannon was fired just a little too close to Steeler receiver Buddy Dial xena ebony he entered the endzone.

After the smoke from the cannon blast engulfed both Dial and his pursuer, the Pro Bowl receiver confessed he was so stunned that he nearly cheerleaders a heart attack. After that game, the cannon was never seen again.

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Buddy Dial 84 takes the brunt cheerleaders a cannon blast after a touchdown in This was a yearly exhibition game in the s featuring the second place teams in each division. The Steelerettes mickaela porn once again a big hit with the fans, and were emerging as the Steelers 1 supporters. Unfortunately, they were not taken along bloopers the trip to Miami and the Steelers lost the game, In the Steelerette uniforms were a bit brighter and the girls no longer had to wear the hard hats.

The Steelerettes in the trademark pyramid in both left and The bloopers was increased to ten girls, which made it possible to do a classic pyramid, which from then on became one of the Steelerettes trademark routines. Watch a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Sam. Watch cheerleaders Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Parey. Watch a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Skylar. Watch a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Shanyn.

Watch a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Shelby. Watch a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader bio video featuring Nina.