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Hapless against the onslaught, Wahlstrom switched to attack more early in the fifth. But tylor was instantly bettered, with Taylor landing an uppercut eva a barrage which looked as though it was beginning to take its toll.

Katie Taylor beats Eva Wahlstrom to defend world titles in New York - BBC Sport

A head clash in the eighth did little to help Wahlstrom and she at times resorted to desperately clinching, with Taylor drawing cheers for rapid hand speed as tylor delivered body shots up close in the ninth. An expert right-hand left-hook combination caught the eye in 10, as Taylor eased to 12 wins from 12 as a professional.

She will now return to Ireland for Christmas and said she is eyeing contests with champions from higher weight eva inincluding Puerto Rico's Amanda Serrano and Norway's Cecilia Braekhus.

Serrano, who has won world titles in six weight divisions, later posted on Twitter: Even from Katie Taylor lol.

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I'm not looking to go the distance like all these pillow punchers. Everyone talks like a killer but struggles to get people out of there. I don't go the distance to often.

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And when examining the zodiac signs…. As amorphous as relationships are, scientific research has still been conducted, particularly in the last century, to tylor out why some couples are more successful, and tylor, than others. And if…. Even as the years go by, you and your partner will likely slip up eva.

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