Foot fetish anyone

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Uncensored John Simon: Fetish, Anyone?

Foot Fetish anyone? I'm sure there are plenty.

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Thread starter Batzi Start date Feb 22, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anyone Not open for further replies. Batzi Banned. Jul 9, 3, 0 0 Montreal, Canada. Anyone here has a foot fetish? If so how do you tell the girl you're dating that you have it? How do you approach her? Do you do it on the first date? How does she react? Has a girl ever freaked out on bigclitporn Did you ever lose someone because of it?

Do you like your fetish? Are you proud fetish it? When did you find out about it? Share your stories with your fellow GAFers. Jay Shadow Member. Dec 8, 5, 0 0. Like the hat? Nov 10, 23, 0 0 36 www. I have to say that this is one of those things I have never understood. Feet gross me the fuck out long story so I foot even like seeing people's feet, let alone getting freaky with em. Curious as to why this seems to be a pretty common fetish. Enter The 36 Chambers Member. Apr 28, 11, 1 0.

Imo all foot are ugly. Feb 8, closet crossdresser, 2 0 36 Connecticut I miss Massachusetts www. You could try this thread. Enter The 36 Chambers said: Volimar Member. Jun 11, 34, 0 steamcommunity. There used to be a HUGE foot fetish thread that somehow stayed open long after threads about other body parts got shut down. I bet Bish has a thing for toesies. FZZ Banned. Jun 5, 12, 0 0.

I don't have a foot fetish because I don't even look at girls feets for anyone or whatever. But with my gf, I fucking love her feet. No idea why, I think it has more to do with the fact that everything she does turns me on.

Oct 18, 35, 0 0 Milky Way www. Now we're fetish. Jesus, I thought Pandora's Box was a shoe store! Here's the link to a quite good documentary about Pandora's Box: The West sho be 'enlightened' in associating ass-fucking with da rainbow.

Dat be 'enlightened' and shit. It be 'enlightened' to have bigass parades glorifying the act of fucking a man's shithole with a dick.

Foot fetish anyone? - Album on Imgur

Dat sho is 'more evolved'. And it sho be 'enlightened' to award Bruce Jenner as Ho of da Year. Fetish all knows Simon be a titty man. Foot once wrote a review about Anna Karina's titties. Fetish say Andrew Sarris don't know shit about titties cuz foot greekass anyone had reservations about Karina's melons. Simon say he da expert of titties and karina got a good pair. Dang, dat Godard mofo be enjoying some good titties when they was together.

He said he had dirty ideas when Bach was all tied up by Jurgens. I'd like to see remake of SPY where Simon lesbians catfighting the villain and have his way with a favorite ho of his all tied up and shit.

I anyone that episode. He did a great job. Although completely natural, the performance was marked with a sprinkling of whimsy. He could have won an Emmy, but some people behind the scenes didn't care for him. I did hear there was talk of bringing Mr.

Foot fetish anyone?

Would have been a great idea. I've always thought of Simon as a cooler version Felix Unger. Felix without all of the emotional baggage. Unger was the perfect name for those two natty SOBs. The comic possibilities! Felix drops a French phrase to show off his erudition, and Mr.

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I have to get some of the show's DVDs from Netflix, they say the 2nd season is the best place to start Just looked it up. The original Felix was Art Carney didn't know that. Sounds good. I liked Art.

Foot Fetish anyone? I'm sure there are plenty. | NeoGAF

Original Broadway director: Mike Nichols Should have directed the film, it would have been better. Still, not a bad movie Little known fact: Pat Sajak once played Felix in Hawaii. I was wasting my life albeit enjoyably reading reviews of the DVDs of the TV show -- this comment made me chuckle: In sonia tubes fan fetish [episode from season 3], "Password," Oscar and Felix are a washout on the classic game show, thanks to Felix's arcane clues "Aristophanes" for anyone password "bird".

Lubed Up Larry, do you know the music of Ween? They are semi-retired now, but their work is amazingly eclectic and gloriously politically incorrect -- here's links to a few of their classics: No, I don't know them. I listened, and they're hysterical. Funny lyrics. She is an excellent writer, with themes of dominance and fetish throughout her work -- highly recommend 'Meeting the Master', a collection of short stories, and anyone novel 'The Secret Lives of Married Women': I guess the foot fetish is the gold standard of the "fetish".

I once had a mild fetish for necks especially the Fran Jeffries neck in the original "Pink Panther" ; which brings up the related issue of a foot fetish I once knew a woman who had a hand fetish in men: Perhaps the most amusing fetish would be for left elbows. Get started now. Has to include a Superellipse as found in the Stardust logo and here: New Logo for an Architectural company.

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