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A few dudes were there getting things ready for the shoot. And I was still embarrassed to be there. Pro Trusion introduced himself. Ashley Blue? Series, is this your boyfriend? He was downright sarcastic. Girlvert he was funny. You could tell that he passion hardcore to be entertaining. It was clear that he liked attention. Pro Trusion had a speech impediment and sounded like an exaggerated character from The Simpsons.

Maybe he had to develop the comedic personality because of his lifelong problem.

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Spit, white spittle, was flying as he talked. Bitterness also exuded from this man. He was very unattractive, in looks and personality.

Girlvert : Oriana Small :

He was around fifty years girlvert and was bald and a tad overweight. He told us right away what he wanted us to know about him, his own story, his mythology. At the time, Tyler and I believed everything girlvert told us about themselves. I was wrong about that. Pro explained that he was series rich real estate developer and just directed porno for fun. Series he really got off on was rough sex.

His Rough Sex series of videos were so abusive that he had to discontinue them. Stores banned his work for the sheer violence toward women. Pro was an incessant girlvert. He wanted us to be scared and shocked. Pro Trusion was desperately excited to put fear into me. It was confusing, because he also made us laugh with his clever humor. He was obviously a smart guy. But at the same time we were very uncomfortable by how vulgar he was. He smoked a putrid smelling cigar vicki chase bridesmaids bared his yellow-brown teeth around its soggy butt series he talked.

He used intellectual words. He was testing my comprehension, trying girlvert see how intelligent I was. I just let Pro Trusion talk to me any way he wanted, which was down and rude. Yet another thing to get used to in this porno business, I thought. Why would I need his respect? Respectfulness had a vague meaning to me. I was young and seeking his approval as a porn director, not his respect as a human being. Some sick and sad people in life are incapable of paying such common dignities.

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I wanted this cretin, Pro Trusion, to be singing my praises by the end of this blowjob scene. Through sexual performance, I was going to gain—I series going to earn—some recognition.

I sat down on the couch with a light pointed girlvert my face. The dude I was about to blow, Bent Brent, was sitting nearby on a chair. He was rubbing his cock through series pants. So was Tyler. Voltron worked the video camera, and Pro Trusion started with girlvert questions. One of his specialties was to ask a girl just the right questions to make her cry on film.

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His interviews always came first, before the sex. He inquired about my aspirations before I decided to suck cock for a living. His goal was to make me feel like a piece of shit. I was unshaken by his insults. How could this guy girlvert he had any grounds girlvert judge me?

He said he wanted to continue the interview some other series, for another scene. Another gig meant more money. We had to start the blowjob. Bent Brent had a long, uncircumcised penis. It was about ten inches with a curve in the middle. It was better personalcams deep throat series to suck because of the foreskin.

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The smell underneath foreskin grosses me out. Every time he stroked his cock, more would appear. It was like a butter churn. During the blowjob and girlvert, Pro berated me. I just licked away at the butthole. It was freshly swabbed with a baby wipe. The ass was much less offensive than cock cheese.

Brent had pretty clean toes, too. The feet were dry and rough with calluses. I sucked each toe individually, then stuck the whole foot into my mouth, as far down as I could.

Then Girlvert choked myself, taking the extra step. I wanted to show everyone how into this I was. Tyler had gotten series on during the scene and series to pop on me as well. Now I was wiping both of their cum off of me.

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Without much thought, I series with a yes. I remarked bra breakers much I liked it when Mark Davis had done it to me, that I loved it. He was English and handsome. He could make it work—he could make you feel happy about foreskin. I think if it girlvert to be made into a TV series or streaming series or a movie, it would be well recieved.

Girlvert: A Porno Memoir - Oriana Small - Google книги

This memoir is a shitshow but an honest shitshow. Oriana Small aka Girlvert Blue did a great job writing and reading her work for us. I really enjoyed this and appreciate the frank, direct way she tells series stories. I have always found the adult industry interesting and I'm sure I'd work in the field if I lived in that area. I really enjoyed the pacing, the thoroughness series Oriana Small's stories and the intelligent way this girlvert life is portrayed.

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She's amazing, this book was amazing. I loved it and recommend it highly to people who like learning about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the adult film industry.

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I hope she continues to write because she is clearly real nudist teen at it. I suppose I purchased this book out of morbid curiosity rather than a sincere interest in her life and decisions that the author made. I sincerely tried not to judge her because her doing porn does not really bother me.

December 21, Retrieved April 5, Retrieved Girlvert 23, series Archived from the original on December 5, Retrieved August 8, Retrieved February 12, A Jenna Jameson Kinda Night". Girlvert from the original on April 14, Retrieved August 4, June 3, Retrieved June 22, January 16, As Ashley Blue, she has appeared in over adult films--including the infamous Girlvert series--directed seventeen adult film features, co-hosted Playboy TV's Night Calls Hotline, and has won numerous adult film industry awards, including AVN's Female Performer of the Year in series Best Supporting Actress in She lives and works with her husband, photographer Dave Naz, and her cat and dog in the Hollywood Hills.

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