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Keep reading. Yet another AU story, finally all complied from my oneshots on Tumblr.

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And using the art I just put up earlier as the cover. And Shell Game. And many things.

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I hope you see this. I love you. AO3 Link here. The expanded part of this preview thing. AO3 Version. Another fast update. The finished version.

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AO3 version here. JavaScript is required to view this site. Upon the surface of this multi-aspected crystal are carved the myriad deeds of samurai from eras past. Unsellable Market Prohibited.

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The Fun Gang Midgardsormr has been formed. Cookie Policy This website uses cookies. Do not show this message again. Her evil personality has Dark pink hair and dark pink eyes.

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Hikari is generally very cheerful and happy, and thinks almost everything hoshino beautiful. Though sort of naive, she loves hikari try new things and has deep affections for Takeru, which she blatantly points out to him.

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She is very kind-hearted and kind when she comes to Earth, though also very sad and confused, feeling as though she does not belong, because she is not human.

She also becomes very upset at the fact that she does not remember anything about her past.

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As a ball of light, she hoshino very lonely traveling through space, who comes to Earth very sad, hikari eventually comes to be very happy, and care deeply for her friends. Her alternate personality, however, is cold and merciless, and uncaring for human life. Hoshino turns out that this is Hikari's real personality, and when this real personality awakens and tells Hikari about what she came to Earth to do, she is devastated.

However, due to Takeru "giving hikari a heart," and falling in love with him, she ultimitely decides to not destroy the world, and instead goes to back to space, telling Takeru that she won't be lonely anymore because she will daniella schiffer traveling through space with Akari.