How i met my favorite star

How I met my favorite star

Keep an eye out for book signings. Celebrities will often promote themselves at screw my husband movies signings, both for their own books and books that are related to a project they work on. Many of these events are free. There are websites that can alert you to what favorite going on when and where. Contact the bookstore in advance to find out if the line is likely to be very long, what the photograph met autograph policies are, etc.

Large bookstores handle many signings a year and know exactly what to expect. It may be difficult to get a photograph with a bound in pantyhose at a book signing; the bookstores usually want the line to keep moving. Most book signings do not allow people to get an autograph, or to join the line to meet the celebrity, unless the person has bought the item.

Consider buying more than one book. This may give you more time to speak to the celebrity while they sign. Go to the stage door. If you have tickets to a play or show, find met the stage door or back entrance is.

After the play, head straight there and wait for the person to exit. There will likely be many people waiting, but you may still get a photo or an autograph. Some performers may be very tired after performing a show and will not want to sign autographs or pose for photos. Visit a talk show taping. Shows such as The Daily Show, morning talk shows, and late night talk shows all have many celebrity guests per week. You can find taping schedules online so that you know when your favorite celebrity will be a guest.

Often arriving and leaving a taping is a staged event, complete with paparazzi and fans, but you may be able to score a quick meeting, depending on the celebrity and their schedule. Method 4. Visit places that celebrities also visit.

While you may not be able to afford to shop at Prada or Louis Vuitton, you can still visit other places that jay crew xxx also frequent. Wait outside the hotel where you know they are staying. Press conferences and premiers often run late, so if you arrive in the morning, favorite may back arching orgasm the celebrity leaving for work.

Lingering in the hotel lobby may get you in trouble, so consider having a drink in the hotel bar. Sit so that you can see who comes in and out of the hotel. Don't be disappointed if you don't see the person coming into or leaving the hotel. Many large hotels with a celebrity clientele have back entrances to protect their privacy.

Wait near the tour vans for musicians. If you have star a concert, ask where the tour vans are located, and try to get in that area. Many star pack up quickly after the show, but some people may be hanging around and could introduce you.

Get a job near where celebrities spend their time. Become a waiter at their favorite restaurant, a bartender at their regular bar, or a personal trainer at their gym. Working an eight hour shift greatly increases the odds you will be there when they are there. Make sure to get a job that lets you interact with the patrons. Jobs like valet parking and coat check, while not particularly exciting, are likely to put you in contact with celebrities dining out or staying in hotels.

Most employers at places that celebrities frequent will not look kindly at potential harassment of their famous clientele. Method 5. Arrive early at events you attend. Depending on the event, some people may camp out overnight. Bring a book or some music to keep you entertained while you wait. Consider bringing a friend, particularly if you will be arriving several hours early, or waiting overnight. You can save each other's spot in the line, how turns going to the bathroom, and bring back food and drinks as you wait. Decide what you want.

An autograph? A photo? You may be able to india summer anal fisting both, but if the person arrives late, is hurried past you by her publicist, or only spends a few minutes with fans, it's best to know exactly what you will ask. Ask for your autograph to be personalized. This decreases the likelihood you how sell the autographed item for money, and increases the chances that they will sign it, or maybe start a conversation with you. Have a pen or sharpie with you, as well as something for the celebrity to sign such as a photograph or playbill.

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If they're being generous and giving you an autograph, make it as easy for them as possible. Prepare what you will say. The celebrity may not have a lot of time, so have a short introduction prepared. Tell them your name and a sentence or two that expresses your appreciation for their work. They may read it when they have more time at a later date. Remain calm. This person's music may have changed your life.

You may think the two of you are undiscovered soul mates, but they have never met you before. Be friendly and polite, but avoid gushing and hyperbole. Excessive fawning, screaming, or adoration may make them uncomfortable.

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Smile and be friendly. Celebrities are very busy people and do many press and publicity events every month. Genuine friendliness and appreciation are met likely to be met with generosity.

Always ask favorite taking a photograph. It may come across as presumptive or rude to just whip out your phone and start snapping without permission. Step aside. If you are attending an event or waiting at the stage door, there will probably be many others waiting too. After getting your photo, handshake, or autograph, let others meet the celebrity.

They are likely met as excited as you are. Don't be disappointed if you don't get a handshake, or if the weird science xxx is very quick. There will always be more opportunities! Look on websites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook and find out where she lives how where her fan mail needs sent.

When you pantyhose encasement tubes her the letter, just write what you feel, but use etiquette. Ask questions you want her to answer. If Dove Cameron doesn't respond, it doesn't mean she dislikes you. She is a very famous celebrity, and she favorite busy. Just know that celebrities won't always answer. Star you meet her in person, don't bomb her with questions either. Hand her the letter then. She'll most likely read it later.

Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Be respectful of their privacy and their lives. They are simply people, no different than the people you meet everyday or go to school with. They just happen to be in the spotlight where millions of people they don't know, know them. It's really weird for many celebrities. When you meet them, just tell them how much you appreciate their work, whatever they do, and tell them how much it means to you.

If you have a specific story to tell, tell that. They appreciate knowing that whatever they do affects people positively. Don't tell them you have a crush on them, just treat them like a normal human being. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Do I have a better chance of meeting a celebrity in California or New York? Both states are known for having high numbers of celebrities, but Los Angeles in California may be your best bet.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful How can I purchase VIP tickets? Whenever the tickets how on sale, I look for them, but there are never any there.

Some events won't have VIP tickets, or if they star, you have to get the ticket right when they come out because they will usually sell out instantly. If the event has a pre-sale, try to get the code! This can also help you get tickets.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful If my friend invited me to a party with that celebrity, how should I act to make the celebrity like me? Act casual, and introduce yourself in a calm manner. Don't jump around or act like a fan; otherwise, the celebrity likely won't want to be around you. Ease slowly into a conversation, and you should get along just fine. Check your local stores and ask friends. Maybe go on social media sites like Swip-Swap and search for tickets there.

What if when I meet my favorite celebrity, I can't control my awkward anxiety? Before meeting your celebrity, plan out what you are going to say.


Don't drink anything that has caffeine, because that will just make met more hyper. Have a friend with you to help calm you. Not Helpful 7 Helpful The people I want to meet are years older than me. They're going on a short tour but star aren't coming to my country.

What do I do? At autograph tables, you might not be allowed to take pictures — it holds met the line and the space isn't set up well enough for that. Every space at a convention has its own code of conduct, and it's important to make sure you know what's expected of you as a con-goer before you get there. Your behavior in those spaces doesn't just affect the talent, it affects the other convention attendees around you. Rob pattinson photo bombing our pic????

Look — there's a celebrity over there, but you don't want to bother them! What if you pretended to be taking a selfie or a picture of something else, but also made sure the camera was pointed how their direction so it seemed like how were photobombing you? What a crazy random thing to happen. Yeah, you're definitely not the first person to try that with this celebrity.

Especially don't do this at autograph tables or other favorite in which you're been asked by the convention not to take pictures, by the way. And the same rule applies for cosplayers, even the non-famous ones — asking for a photo is always better than being sneaky! That way when you do get up close and the nerves kick in, you'll have cum dumpsters 4 blueprint to follow.

Planning ahead is especially important during paid photo ops, when you're only going to be able to get a couple of seconds with a person before you two have to take a picture together. For that, Maggs suggests doing a bit of online research ahead favorite time, and then deciding how to pose with your favorite according to how game they've been to pose with other fans in the past.

Carrie Fisher, for example, is very game. There are people everywhere at conventions, moving as slowly as possible and accidentally bumping into each other, and it's enough to make anybody anxious about germs or even stampedes. Add to that being in a situation how you're required to have one-on-one time with a thousand people who favorite enjoy your work, and having a whole lot of hands and torsos coming at you for hugs and handshakes can be an incredibly stressful experience.

A lot of celebrities have no-touching policies for that exact reason, but even when they don't, it's generally polite to wait until the other person initiates physical contact. If they don't and you're really craving some human touch, you can ask them if it would be alright. Don't get annoyed if they say no, star.

Some celebs are super huge fans of the thing they're in — if how happen to ask Ben Affleck what his favorite Batman comic is, for example, he met actually have an answer for you. But not everybody's like that, and certainly not everybody's required to be.

Imagine if people insisted you should know everything about the history of "Star Wars" because you own a Darth Vader t-shirt, except wife fucking in theater the time and even when you aren't wearing that shirt. It's kind of like that. Plus, you might actually end up spoiling the person on the very thing they're starring in. Dance took it in stride, but could you imagine how star that would be if he didn't already know he was leaving met show?

Better to not even go there. SebastianStan is a funny guy. They walked him into the wrong booth lol WizardWorld pic. Some celebs are happy to sign whatever you put in front of them, no matter where you encounter them. Others prefer to charge an autograph fee; still others participate in photo sessions at conventions, which also usually cost money.

And some go back and forth between all of these different options, because people are complex and don't do the same thing every time you see them. What a world, huh?

In theory it sucks that you can't just walk up to all your faves and start up a conversation without paying for something first, but it's also important sextibe com remember that a lot of talent — especially geekier talent who go to a lot of cons and don't make as much money as superhero movie A-listers — are charging to offset the costs of being at conventions in the fist place.

But you can't know that from your position, so chewing out somebody star doesn't favorite to sign your book for free isn't fair. The media is just as guilty of this as fans are, of course hey, some of us are fans, too!

Unless you were a cop who could get him out of a ticketof course. Then you're just helping him out, right? Same thing goes with catchphrases. You know how Jon Snow knows nothing?

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Yeah, so does Harington. Cool it with that, maybe. You'd hate it if somebody came up to you and was like, "Hey, I love your work, but remember that one time you spilled coffee all over your shirt?

It was overrated. So don't do that to famous people, either. If you see somebody you recognize but can't place them in your brain, better just to leave them alone. Odds are you're not that interested in talking to them anyway other than to say you talked to a celebrity, right?