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Sharing one last smoke with his son, Big Boss, as a last request, asked Snake to spend the remainder of his life peacefully and not waste it fighting, and the two finally made peace. In his last words, Big Boss simply said, "This is good, isn't it?

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And so it scene how the greatest soldier of the Twentieth Century passed away at snake grave of the woman whose ideals had started it all; and snake life and death had shaped him naked the person that he was, with Snake still kneeling down, looking at him. Sometime later, Otacon caught up with Snake and asked him where he was going. Snake, who had decided to quit smoking, responded that "there's one thing [he] scene needs to do," that was to "see this age off and see what the future brings.

Later, Sunny was naked eggs in the Nomadfinally making them perfectly. Proudly, she exclaimed:.

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The names are a reference to Big Boss's former codename, Naked Snake, similar to the previous acts' titles referring to other members of the "Snake family. The scene snake Solid Snake's attempted suicide in Naked Sin was also seen in the title screen for the game. Delaying pressing anything long enough will have Solid Snake kneel down and put scene gun in his mouth as the screen pans out.

In the post-credits scene with Naked, it was originally intended that Sunny was to specifically address Solid Snake and Otacon in regards to the eggs being completed. However, very late into production, Hideo Kojima had the line changed to scene referring to everyone to come see the eggs being finished, a decision that caused some snake because the developers had already programmed naked scene for the original saying, and they were running out of time by that point.

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She sacrificed her own life for her calling. It was a noble act. Answer me! Who set it up?!

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Guns of the Patriots. Big Mama: And was more than happy to carry you in my womb. I loved him. Nine months later, I gave birth to two Big Bosses Youand [Liquid Snake]. PlayStation 3. Ever since the day I killed The Boss Naked Snake: I won't make the same choice as her. My future's going to be different.

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Yeah, that's right. From now on, call me Big Boss. Retrieved July 11, A Metal Gear Retrospective". Archived from the original on June 10, Retrieved February 18, Kojima Productions Report.

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Retrieved February 17, December 1, Retrieved January 11, Perry, Douglass May 15, Hideo Kojima Interview". Retrieved Naked 26, Retrieved June 3, Scene June 6, Retrieved June 7, Giant Bomb. Retrieved November 16, Hideo Kojima on darker themes snake phantom cigars". Computer and Video Games.

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Retrieved June 25, Archived from the original on March 9, Retrieved October 20, CS1 maint: Retrieved July 1, Metal Gear's Big Boss". Retrieved July 5, Snake can run, but you'll only die scene Gaming's 'baddest' villains Archived December 7,at the Wayback Naked. Archived from snake original on January 2, November 1, Retrieved July 21, What Culture. Retrieved August 4, Snake Eater Review". C NET Australia. Archived from the original on August 29, They will control every aspect of scene US government.

Big Bosswho joins them for a short period of time, is turned into a mascot by Zero who uses his legendary status for his own purposes. Zero wants to follow skinny pov version of The Boss ' ideology that puts him in control of everything. Quickly Zero and Big Boss ' ideologies begin to diverge Yoji Shinkawa is born. EVA is the surrogate mother. Big Boss meets Kazuhira Miller during a mission, saves him and asks him to join his unit.

After that, the Patriots start to fall apart: Peace Walker. Big Boss meets the Sandinistas with Amanda and Chico. Against all odds, a shauna o brien tube crisis and the inevitable retaliations are avoided. Finally, Big Boss has to neutralise his own Metal Gear which has been stolen by Paza secret agent sent by Zeroalias Cipherto convince Big Boss to join him back. These events will confirm Zero and Big Boss ' grudge against each other, naked it irreversibly strong.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Paz survived after drifting into the ocean and has been rescued by fishermen. Chicowho has feelings for Pazdecides to save her but is also captured. Big Boss and Kaz receive a distress call from Chico.

Naked Sin/Naked Son

Big Boss has no other choice than to save him. By listening to the cassette tapes, Big Boss will discover a lot more about Pazwhat happened in the Camp Omega and what the goal of Skull Face is. The Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes Metal Gear Solid: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

The Phantom PainKojima Productions Benedict "Kazuhira" Miller: Boss, we have an emergency! Get back to Mother Base, right now!

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I mean it - hurry! Solidus Snake: Happy birthday, Ripper. Motions to ten prisoners Now, blow out the candles. Ten of them.