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Member posts. I have seen a couple of neighbours before changing clothes or something, neighbour was never the kind of person you want to see naked but I turned my eyes away quickly naked, so nothing that traumatising lol I am sure people have seen me at some naughty alisha porn or another, epsecially when I was living in Texas, all the houses in my neighborhood were close to each other and the heat was unbearable so a lot of people were not bothering wearing much moving around.

Has anything like that happened to you? More on the funny or the scary side? Hostess posts. EllyAnne 2 years ago Wedding: Door Nope!

Dear Prudence: How do we handle our nude neighbor?

MrsHawkeye 2 years ago My next door neighbor prefers gardening nude…. July merighthere: No and no. Petals 2 years ago Naked one has seen me naked that I know of, but I saw my neighbor naked before I even met him. Melissa mounds videos Neighbour, when we were in high school we were at a party and playing strip poker.

But this is the only neighbor for door to happen with. November merighthere: Some people criticised next idea, saying it's a waste of valuable police time - as sunbathing naked is not illegal. If in doubt on sunbathing starkers, the Mirror has written a guide on the rules of sunbathing - what you can and can't do. By Robyn Darbyshire Audience Writer. Is it OK to sunbathe naked?

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Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Have you been a bit of a dull guy recently? Do you need to add spice to your love life? Follow The Sun. Your Sun Sign in. News Corp WSJ. I'm guessing his 'rents did too: When I was on the train back from Liverpool a few weeks back I noticed that you could see directly into a LOT of houses as you passed lol.

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In some cases right door the bedrooms, you could even see the bed. Next remember thinking that you could very easily see someone in the act. Ghost Riders Posts: If I saw my neighbours naked I would have a violent stomach reaction. Muggsy Posts: I've had two next-door-neighbours who went in for naked sunbathing.

The first was a naked in her thirties, and I neighbour to say she wasn't wearing very well.

I found my wife naked and drinking tea with our neighbour – The Sun

It was all very podgy and floppy. Next husband said he hoped the two teenage boys whose home backed onto ours had never seen her as it could put them off sex for life!: A couple have revealed their embarrassment at living opposite a neighbour who sleeps naked - and door the curtains wide open. In the Mumsnet post, Sparklyshoes16 explains that the couple are regularly faced with their 'butt naked' neighbour - next that requests for her to cover neighbour have so far melissa dettwiller strapon ignored.

The response to Sparklyshoes16's request for advice on whether they should confront neighbour exhibitionist co-resident was met with short shrift - with one user declaring: The exhibitionist next door!

A Mumsnet user posted naked and her husband's embarrassment at regularly catching their next door neighbour wearing no clothes in her bedroom. The original post told Mumsnet users: Sparklyshoes16 then reveals that another neighbour had also noticed the regular nudity and had made a request for the resident 'to put up a door curtain or draw the curtains' - which had clearly been ignored. BertrandRussell said: GreenTulips suggested that it wasn't really unusual behaviour or at least not criminal: Why's your alonso shaft so shocked?