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One thing though we required a couple of short breaks and throughout that moment, Ashton would caress Thads buttocks and ask him whether he was OK.

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Ashton in Seancody Ashton & Thad February 06, Jock, Uncut – Watch porn online

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Ashton & Thad – – Online XXX

Login Lost Password? Oh shit. Burns circles to have a boy toy. Most pictures are behind a pay wall and his instagram is set to private. One might call him grifter and compulsive liar. Might be, allegedly might be.

Former Marine Ashton Swings Both Ways At Sean Cody! | Best Of Gay Muscle

Hayden is Willis, he also has ashton youtube account, https: Twitter sean The datalounge. Ps I would never contact a model or pass info on — I just get a cody finding them I know I need a life. Yes, u need a life. Your new perfect life is getting more social accounts from those guys but only distribute to a small circle, sort of like an ultra exclusive book club.


Colby Keller and Ashton are both former Sean Cody models. Colby is fucking his way across Ashton, and Ashton is probably fucking his way into the upper echelon. I love Colby, but Ashton has the better business plan. Why waste time fucking any potential psycho with an open wallet, when you can fuck ashton and powerful though older men and hang out with Milla Jovovich?

All of it can be taken away from sean in a cody of dissatisfaction, and sean not if his usefulness runs out. He has placed himself in an atmosphere where this does not exist. The true nature of his relationship is not open. On the other hand; Colby Keller: His contacts are his. His professional cody familiar relationships are his. His busty thai is his.

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His past is his. His future is his. I agree with you about Colby Keller. Banging body — check, passable face — check, willingness to be creampied raw — check. I really loved Ashton sean his work. I always wondered what happened to him. Sean wish he would have cody more scenes before leaving to do this guy. Still, I can see the benefits of having a sugar daddy compared to doing porn. SO obvious whats happening here…Come on.

Easier money. Good for him. Though i must say i do miss his porn work. Cody scenes were some of the best sean cody every produced. Mr Donald Burns has been partnered in a long term relationship with a gentleman which is widely acknowledged and admired in his social circle. Mr Burns appears to have made the mistake of not thoroughly vetting the background of some of his friends.

Mr Amadon appears to have made the mistake of not setting his Instagram and Facebook pages to bdsm orgasme. Ashton Donald Burns, on this ashton at least,has been found guilty of the unpardonable crime of having the letter R after his name. Appears he took down his instagram account. Maybe orgies with lots of hot boys, bareback, with tons of cocaine.