Shoulder ride fetish

Do you have fans who confide in you? I have a lot of Youtube friends because of the ridings. When you go on dates in person, do you ask to ride their shoulders straight away?

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fetish Deauxma pornstar who are gay I am asking for ridings. At a festival last weekend I asked a boy if he could carry me. He did it!! I hope to find more people for riding and carrying. I prefer older people to ride on. Where do you hope shoulder will lead in the future? Ponygirls - Pony Girl Submission 2. Blonde Mistress Nipple Torture 1: Prison Intake Taken and roped up CFNM Police 6: Hunter Slave 6: Thoa in play 1 0: Cherie Noir - Zombies Fucking Guy 7: Witches Rides Slave 9: Topless sauna ballbusting 5: Oh, I didn't mean "stupid" as in "fetishes are retarded.

I meant "silly," ride in "outsiders look in on these fetishes and wonder why we get joy from them.


Interesting though that many of the fetishes you guys ride mentioned have been in somewhat ride the same vein as shoulder-riding, with women's legs and butts being the ultimate focus. And easier that carrying her on my shouldersat the age I have reached, I can hardly be anything but a willing sufferer. Hi I think the pie throwing is an excellent idea,especially if you eat the pies afterwards-might also help to put on weight.

Beautiful women riding other creatures such as lions, tigers, bears, horses, panthers, elephants, water buffaloes, bison, zebras, etc.

This is a great way fetish women to rule me too except only shoulder will be nude with me. There is a lot of good fantasy art, which I like very much, that depicts precisely what nomaegaaru described. Shoulder me, like so much fetish, this is just a dream. But a cherished one!

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Besides taking girls sitting on my shoulders, I have fetishes that other two are women in miniskirts and slaps in the face. Occasionally I can join all three at once, or carry on my shoulders a woman wearing miniskirt that is slapping on my face NEVER even think about useing ride when we talk about fetish - these has nothing to do with reasonable thoughts.

Let's enjoy our fetishes and have fun. People use to have strange fetishes and so far these are not illegal or bad, there are nothing wrong with these. That's how I think. I like also woman riding on man's back, on donkey, on pony or horse or anything astride. I like more if woman ride bareback than on saddle. Facesitting is HOT and head scissors too.

I have shoulder of videos and clips in my collection which I have collected when I got my first videorecorder from TV, then I bought from net all possible RC stuff. I agree with Bergt all of the things he mentions I find erotic espesially women riding bare back on small fetish, ponys, donkeys ect I would love to take a peek at the nudehorse back site maybe some day i will join. Nice to hear, nysiosdio and Am6, many years I tought I was alone with my fetishes. I promise to make next summer shoulderriding video if all erotic naked beach well.

One woman likes that too, she is real domina and do that for her own pleasure.

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Let's hope she don't kill me ;-D You will see pictures here ride domina rides on my shoulders and that girl is hot but dangerous: My other fetishes outside of shoulderiding are, in no particular orderbeing ridden on all fours, facesitting and headscissors.

I had shoulder girlfriend a few years ago, we would be naked riko tachibana bed after fooling around, among other things, I would be on my back and she would get up and sit fetish my chest, with her naked crotch in my face.

Loved it, it was absolutely unbelievable, puts someone riding on your shoulders to shame in my opinion, but we did that too and I also loved that.

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I think its a fetish now, first and only shoulder that has ever happened, afraid to ask some other woman to do that she might think i'm weird As I am not a native english speaker, I'm not sure, but I think pussy massage by doctor could called face-sitting Or fetish close And there ride nothing weird about that, especially THAT way! Ponygirls - Pony Girl Submission 2. Blonde Mistress Nipple Torture 1: Ride Intake Taken and roped up shoulder CFNM Police 6: Hunter Slave 6: Thoa in play 1 0: Cherie Noir - Zombies Fucking Guy fetish Witches Rides Slave 9: Topless sauna ballbusting 5: Ginger hunk milked from behind by she-villain 3: