Superman and superwoman having sex

You can imagine how that would make you a picky eater. Amelia is a saboscrivner, which means she has the power to write about food so vividly that she can make you actually taste it. For poor Tony, who can only eat beets without experiencing the dietary version of TMI, Amelia is a godsend.

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Unlike Tony and Amelia, who have complementary powers, Jon and Suzie have the same power: You get to see those two doing it in the sky naked. You know Thor — big blonde beefsteak, son of Odin, Avenger, etc.

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All in all Seriously, when's the last time Superwoman even tried to get Superman laid? Clark had to go through four seasons of Smallville just to finally sleep with Superman in Season Five. That's 89 episodes comprised of bulimic vampires, Lana having the jock who literally crucified Superman, Kryptonite tattoos, Kryptonite truth serum, Kryptonite love potion, Kryptonite ghosts and like, an entire character arc of Lana going through some witch-nonsense. Incidentally, after they do it Lana saps some of Clark's superpowers. Totally worth it.

Sleez's plan is to use the profits from the super-pornos to finance his army, which is definitely mature sucks lie. Not only does Sleez already and an army, but he could also totally make a two-person army out of the strongest of Granny's Female Furies and the most powerful member of the Justice League. But nope -- Sleez gotta sleaze. The best part is that this is all revealed to Mr. Miracle by Darkseid, who hands Mr. Miracle Barda's first videotape while sipping on cognac in a sweet chair.

This is easily the worst way to discover your wife is starring in Superman-porn, and how we want every plot twist to be revealed from now on. Lois Lane being the sole human that Superman wants to bang has been a plot point for countless Superman series. In Injustice, the Joker murdering a pregnant Lois is what drives Pussy compilations to become a despot.

The Animated Series. Superman just rage-quits on humanity when Lois dies in Kingdom Come.

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In All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison, Superman gives Lois a super serum that allows her to experience his powers for 24 hours, basically the superhero equivalent of a couple trying ecstasy.

Is that a comic book standard or just an assumption? Pan is half goat. Pegassus had wings, so interspecies were always getting busy for Greeks, I'm guessing. The First Born was able to procreate with hyenas.

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In Greek mythology mixing of species wasn't unherd of, there was the minotaur and cyclops. I believe so. It makes babies! I always thought they could control the level of force they implement in daily activities.

How does Clark type without breaking the keyboard? Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.

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Superman and Wonder Woman murder hundreds with world-shaking sex The last time we explored the sexual exploits of superheroes, several readers cried foul over the exclusion of this bombastic love scene from The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

And then they come crashing down. This is no one-issue stunt: Call me muscle vixen fool, but I like the cover. It works for me.

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GL is Gay! Superman is sleeping with WW! This is a really smart technique screw writing we will just try a stupid media stunt every few weeks. This is making me miss DC events. Just you wait. I wonder what the super-spandex fetishists who ruin this genre for everyone else will call themselves? He will out live her 2. He will not have children 3. The Beat. Tilting at Windmills. HiX-Men Moment of the Week: Betsy Braddock is worthy of ruling. Queerness in Comics: Thanks for reminding me to drop this title.