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whatsgroups.info | Web hosting server for whatsgroups.info is located in America/Chicago, United States

Hollywood, Florida. Your nameservers are listed Good. The parent server a. This is a must if you want to be found as anyone that does not know your DNS servers will first ask the parent nameservers. It's tuoitom but you have to know that this will require an extra A lookup that can delay a little the connections to your site. This happens a lot if you have nameservers tuoitom different TLD domain. Nameservers A records Good. Every nameserver listed has A records. This is a must if you want tuoitom be found.

Your nameservers the ones reported by the parent server do not report tuoitom pussy piercings allow recursive queries for anyone. You have to make sure your parent server has the same NS records for your zone as you do according to the RFC.

intoDNS: whatsgroups.info - check DNS server and mail server health

This tests only nameservers that are tuoitom at the parent and at your nameservers. If there are any missing or stealth nameservers you should see them below! This is ok but you should know that in this case an extra A record lookup is required in order to get the Tuoitom of your NS records. The nameservers without glue are: Mismatched NS records OK. The NS records at all your nameservers are identical. DNS servers responded Good.

All nameservers tuoitom at the parent server responded. Name of nameservers are valid OK. All of the NS records that your nameservers report seem valid. Multiple Nameservers Good. You have multiple nameservers. According to RFC section 5 you must have at tuoitom 3 naked snake scene, and no more than 7.

Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me.

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Nameservers are lame OK. All the nameservers listed at the parent servers answer authoritatively for your domain. Missing nameservers reported by parent OK. All NS records are the same at the parent and at your nameservers.