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Application of the De Si Jolis Pieds patches

Get in my belly! Yummy shoes on track. The patches must be held in place for 15 minutes and wrapped in cling film to optimise the effect of the treatment.

Wrap with cling film for 15 minutes. After removing the first patch, remove the surplus dead skin using the Duo Feet device scraper side. Then use the smoothing side of the Duo Feet device after first feet the soothing tape to eliminate the rest of the callus. Repeat the operation for each patch removed.

Enveloping the patches

Rinse the foot well with lukewarm water. Or use a yummy towel to remove the rest of the product for an even more comforting treatment. To complete the treatment, apply the AfterCare moisturising cream to the foot. We recommend repeated use of this cream every evening by the customer, to guarantee an optimum lasting effect. If necessary, this treatment can be repeated once a feet without risk.

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